Web Design and Web Development in Arizona

Web Design Services

Simple and Complex Websites

I work on web design projects ranging in scale from simple mockup-to-template tasks to large-scale websites that require databases and multiple programming languages. Your project will probably fall somewhere in the middle, but I develop all types of websites using the industry's best practices.

The Three Stages of Web Design

It's important for you to see that we will work together from the beginning to the end of your web design project, so take a peek at the three jargon-free stages you and I will go through.

  1. Consultation and layout design
  2. Development and programming
  3. Personal training

I Don't Want to Be Too Modest

I get frustrated when I see web design companies claiming to be "the best web design company" or "a vastly experienced web development and internet strategy company" when they clearly aren't from a professional web designer's perspective. There are good and bad ways to design a website, and I know the grass is greener on my side. Here are a few reasons why.

  1. Easily manage your website
  2. Usability and accessibility
  3. Better code, better results

Search Engine Optimization

Having good search engine placements can send thousands of people to your website a week. I have a proven success record in getting new websites placed well in Google quickly, and there's a good chance that I can dramatically raise the rankings of your current website by creating a more accessible website and spending a little extra time writing the content for it.

Online Applications and Database Integration

Need an interactive website? Not a problem. I can build Ajax applications that communicate with databases on the fly; construct a user system that allow your visitors to sign up and gain access to special or unique areas of your company's website; and, I can design customized content management systems to let you track, organize and export just about any type of special information that your website utilizes. If you can communicate to me what you want, chances are I can make it.

Web Hosting

I don't require my clients to use my hosting plans like some companies do, but it's available if you want it: I offer reliable hosting for $120 per year.

Let's Get Started

If you're ready to get your web design project off the ground, you can request a quote or send me an email and I'll send you a proposal within a few days.


How I Design Websites