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I think it is important for website owners to be able to easily manage their website without having to call their web designer every time they need to make a change, because it saves you time and money. I have sampled several content management systems that let non-professionals make modifications to their website, and WordPress beats them all.

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WordPress as a Content Management System

WordPress was designed for bloggers, people who want to frequently and effortlessly post articles about anything, but it is so much more than just a blogging application. It allows anyone with access to its control panel to make changes to a web page, add new pages and photos to their site, and so on. However, it does all this online using a flexible text editor that works similarly to Microsoft Word. Editing a page is as easy as writing an email.

Training You to Use WordPress

When I've finished your web design project, I'll show you how to use WordPress so you'll be able to edit the text on all of your web pages, upload photos and put them on your pages, and even add new pages to your website. WordPress also has extensive online documentation, so if you get in a fix, all the answers are easy to find on the web.

See WordPress in Action

If you'd like to try out a demonstration of WordPress, send me an email and I'll give you access to my demo website that uses WordPress. You'll have complete access in the control panel and you'll see just how easy to use and intuitive WordPress is.


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