Privacy Policy

How I Treat Personal Data I May Collect

This page outlines how I treat information regarding my clients and visitors to this site. Any information collected can be accquired accidentally or purposely. Most of this information is personal, such as your name or email address, but it can also include data such as the kind of computer you are using and how fast your internet connection is.

I collect personal information only when you directly get in touch with me (i.e. calling or sending me an email). This site sets and reads cookies (small bits of data that contain information to make your visit here more pleasurable and intuitive), but they are based on sessions only. This means that when you close your browser window, they are normally deleted from your computer.

What you should know

I will not sell, share or exchange any personal information about you with any third party companies or individuals except under the following circumstances:

1.) If I believe it necessary to share information to investigate, prevent, or take legal action against fraud, and 2.) If I am required by law to release personal information regarding a specific individual or company.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact me immediately at


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