Web Design Resources

Web Design Resources

I've created several resources for web designers to use on their own websites. Most of my resources are licensed under a Creative Commons license.

CSS Sticky Footer

An easy to use sticky footer that always ensures your footer sticks to the bottom of the page.

Custom Checkboxes, Custom Radio Buttons, Custom Select Lists

An unobtrusive JavaScript script that lets you use custom images for input elements.

Prevent Flash Files from Being Downloaded

Add another barrier between your website's visitors and your SWF movies.

A Better Fixed Positioning in IE6

Cross-browser fixed positioning that still supports absolute positioning in Internet Explorer 6.

IE Bug: Floated Images Disappear

A simple fix to a terrible bug that made its way into IE6.

Forcing Vertical Scrollbars

Stop the page shift when switching pages in browsers without a scrollbar gutter.

Protecting Email Addresses in HTML

An unobtrusive JavaScript script that helps hide email address from bots.

Web Design Articles

The Difference Between ID's and Classes

A fairly brief article outlining proper and improper uses of HTML ID's and classes.

Breaking Floats Without Hacks

Floats can be confusing, and this article sheds some light on using them.

Proper CSS Shorthand

I swear by CSS shorthand, and here's a nice reference for CSS beginners to use.


Web Design Resources and Articles